The Company and its activity over the years

The foundation of CERASA ALDO COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE follows the common course in the most part of manufacturing companies when the “know-how” resulting from working experience unites the business vocation.

In this case Mr. Cerasa Aldo, after working for many years in important manufacturing companies both Italian and German, decides to exploit his experience starting an own manufacturing activity: this experience results very significant, in particular because developed in contexts characterized by excellent organization and technological solutions very advanced in those years. 

The first workshop (born in 1980) is realized in the garage of Mr Cerasa’s house, when he decides to install a couple of traditional lathes, a traditional milling machine and other toolings.

The company remains in this configuration and Mr. Cerasa Aldo manages the whole activity by oneself for 8 years. After this period he decides to expand his workshop realizing a building behind his house and engaging the first worker: the impulse for this choose comes from the companies of the neighbourhood (for example PICCINI S.p.A., CONCETTI S.p.A. and OMG GALLETTI) that, working in the automation field, requires outsourcers for mechanical machinings supply. 

In 1990 CERASA ALDO COSTRUZIONE MECCANICHE receives the AQUILA D’ORO award in the context of the meeting ITALIA REGIONI thanks to its decennial activity developed in the best way; in the same year Mr. Cerasa Emanuele, after getting technical diploma, enters in the father’s activity bringing important innovations over the years that cause the progressive growth of the company. In addition the workshop is enlarged until 300 m2 and the company engages other workers. 

In 1995 the company faces in the numerical controlled mechanical machining world: this permits the growth of the skills and the specialization of the company, giving to it the possibility to enter in manufacturing fields characterized by an highest technological level. At the same times the company gains a customers portfolio more and more consolidated.

It’s important underlining the evolution process that in this period involves the mechanical outsourcing field: the request of high manual skills is progressively replaced by the need of high flexibility both in the production capacity standpoint and in the technological solutions one. This new requirement is reflected in the birth of companies that gain orders from important industries and distribute the different work-phases among many little high-specialized companies, guaranteeing in this way the necessary flexibility to their customers.

In 2000 also Mr Cerasa Cristiano, Emanuele’s brother, enters in the father’s company after getting technical diploma: his contribution permits to carry in to effect and to consolidate over the years the innovations introduced by Mr Cerasa Emanuele.

At the same time the growth of the company and the new requirements of the market (high precision, capacity to supply the product in the shortest possible time) induce a new internal organization in order to guarantee a better control of its activities and a continuous improvement of its processes together with a lead-times reduction; moreover Mr. Cerasa Emanuele and Mr. Cerasa Cristiano, aware of the advantage that technology can offer, carry in to effects a strategy of development in order to increase the competitiveness of the company and its capacity to acquire important customers.

After all new values join to the constant flexibility that characterized CERASA ALDO COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE since its birth; in particular:

  • the acquisition of more and more advanced technologies;
  • the adoption of more efficient and more efficacious management criteria.

All that means for CERASA ALDO COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE the achievement of important results:

  • the widening of the business volume;
  • the entry in wider national and international markets;
  • the growth in the precision mechanical machinings field;
  • the possibility to supply customized products;
  • the features and the unicity of the supplied parts that represent a strength point in the company’s development since they permit:
    • excellent profit margins;
    • developing faithful customers;
    • competitors’ reduction.

In spite of the crisis resulting from the 11/09/2001 attack, this development policy doesn’t stop and at the end of the year 2005 it produces investments in technological innovation for over 700.000 €. 

Other key factor that marks the quinquennium 2000-2005 is the consolidation of the machining supplies for energy field and in particular the strengthening of the business relation with NCM S.p.A.: this important company represents for CERASA ALDO COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE not only a simple customer but an esteemed business partner.

This strong tie leads at the establishment of HTC S.p.A. in the end of year 2005: NCM S.p.A., CERASA ALDO COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE and other 10 companies, to answer to the more and more exacting needs of the market (technological processes that permit the improvement of the products performance, the supply of finished products that include all the processes and all that machinings required by the working specifications), decide to share their “know-how” and establish HTC S.p.A..  The main benefits resulting for the company partners are the greater competitiveness of the companies network respect to the single company and the possibility to approach important customers whose orders are redistributed among the company partners according to the different machinings and processes that they can supply; at the same time HTC S.p.A. can offer to their customers a wide range of technical processes both by means of its partners and directly. In particular HTC S.p.A. can supply directly unconventional high-technological processes such as:

  • PLASMA COATING that permits to realize specific coatings for special applications (for example products that have to be used in high-corrosive environments);
  • ELECTRON BEAM WELDING that, by means of an electrons beam, permits to realize special weldings;
  • VACUUM HEAT TREATMENT that, by means a special chamber, permits to realize heat treatments in absence of atmosphere.
 With these presuppositions the next step for CERASA ALDO COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE is represented by the further growth in terms of importance and production capacity.

To perform this step Mr. Cerasa Emanuele and Mr. Cerasa Cristiano establish CERASA MECHANICS SRL in the 05/12/2005: the new company takes over CERASA ALDO COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE receiving the whole customers portfolio, the whole machine tools park and engaging all the staff of CERASA ALDO COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE.

The CERASA MECHANICS SRL in the year 2006 starts its most important project: the realization of a new seat. This is constituted by a structure of 1500 m2 placed in Petrignano di Assisi and it includes production shop, offices, air-conditioned metrological laboratory and workers’ structures (refectory and changing room).

In the year 2008, when the new seat is realized, CERASA MECHANICS SRL starts the move of the whole structure, that is completed in the month of October.

In the meantime (exactly in the year 2007) the company decides to certify its production processes obtaining the certification for the compliance with the standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 about “Precision Mechanical Machining on Customer’s Drawing”.

Thus CERASA MECHANICS SRL can start a new chapter of its history in a modern plant, with the whole “know-how” developed over the years and with the human values that characterize it since 1980.


Cerasa Mechanics srl