Our Stages

1980 Mr. Cerasa Aldo establishes CERASA ALDO COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE after working many years in mechanical field for important companies.

The first centre is a workshop realized in the garage of his house.

1986 The workshop is extended until 150 m2 and the first worker is engaged. The machined components are principally designed for local firms working in the automation field. The machine tools used in the workshop are traditional.

1990 Mr. Cerasa Emanuele, after getting technical diploma, joins to CERASA ALDO COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE. The workshop is further extended util 300 m2.

1995 The firm purchases its first CNC machine. The customers portfolio is extended thanks to the possibility to supply more and more complex components. The firm enganges other workers.

2000 Mr. Cerasa Cristiano, after getting technical diploma, joins to CERASA ALDO COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE.

2002 The firm purchases a GEMINIS lathe, a CNC machine that permits to turn components with an external diameter until 1300 mm. In the meantime is developed the use of CAM software by means of the purchasing of VISI VERO INTERNATIONAL and the company reinforces its presence in the machining supply market for energy field.

2003 The company begins to supply also milling machined components thanks to the purchasing of a work centre SIGMA: this choice permits to extend the range of mechanical machinings offered to the customers.

2005 The company joins to a firms network that establishes HTC S.p.A., an high-technology centre for unconventional machinings (Electron-Beam Welding, Vacuum Heat Treatment and Plasma Coating-HVOF). In the meantime Mr. Cerasa Emanuele and Mr. Cerasa Cristiano establish CERASA MECHANICS SRL: this new company takes over CERASA ALDO COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE appropriating of its customers, its machine tools and its parcel of shares in HTC S.p.A. and engaging the whole staff of CERASA ALDO COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE.

2006 It starts the project to move the company in a new plant.

2007 CERASA MECHANIS SRL achieves the certification for the compliance with the standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 about “Precision Mechanical Machining on Customer’s Drawing” .

2008 The new plant of 1500 m2, placed in Petrignano di Assisi, is completed and the whole structure is moved. The new plant presents an air-conditioned metrological laboratory; CERASA MECHANICS SRL purchases also SOLUTION software for production planning and a modern CMZ three-axis CNC lathe.

Todays CERASA MECHANICS SRL can offer to the Customers its “know-how” resulting from 30 years of activity, the professionalism of its high-qualified workers and a wide range of mechanical machinings thanks to its modern machine tools park.




Cerasa Mechanics srl